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We are the masters of creating top quality handgun grips fully customized with your own images and words made of silver and bronze to meet highest expectations.

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We bring you to the summit in line with your special requests!

Customization Material

We use a variety of materials carefully selected for you. Walnut, Black Walnut, Rosewood, Root Walnut, Thuya, Black - White - Iverly & Nacre Acrylic - Silver & Brass


Serving to Worldwide and satisfied customers. We are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We're cater to your needs with a global approach.

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We're passionate about our craft. Experience the excellence, we never compromise on quality.

Smith & Wesson

Compatible Models - K/L - Frame Square Butt


Compatible Models - 92FS / 92 / 92F / 92A1 / 92FS INOX / 92G / 92D / 96 / 96D / 96A1 / M9 / M9A1


Compatible Models - 92FS / 92 / 92F / 92A1 / 92FS INOX / 92G / 92D / 96 / 96D / 96A1 / M9 / M9A1

Desert Eagle

Compatible Models - 357 Magnum / .44 Magnum / .50 AE

Sig Sauer

Compatible Models - P226 / P226 SL / P226 Sport / P226 Sport II / P226 Sport II SL / P226 Sport II SL PPC / MK25

Sig Sauer

Compatible Models - P226 / P226 SL / P226 Sport / P226 Sport II / P226 Sport II SL / P226 Sport II SL PPC / MK25

All Brands

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Custom Design

Customize your grip, stand out.
We make it one of a kind.
Your firearm, your style.

A naturally beautiful walnut material with warm tones that enriches the character of our products. High quality Walnut, combined with its durability, adds warmth and elegance to our designs. This special walnut material emphasizes the elegance of our products, highlighting the uniqueness of each piece. Walnut tones make our products stand out not only aesthetically, but also in terms of the quality of the natural material.

Author image
Walnut Unpainted

High quality black walnut, a special material that enhances the elegance and aesthetic value of our products, adds elegance and durability to our designs. The unique texture and natural tones of black walnut are evident in every product, offering a luxurious experience to its users. This material is a special option that emphasises the quality and aesthetic value of our products.

Author image
Black Walnut Painted

A special material that unites our products with the uniqueness of nature. High quality Root Walnut adds character and depth to our products. This special walnut material adds an organic feel to our designs with its texture derived from the root. Root Walnut stands out in every product with its natural tones and unique patterns, offering our customers not only an aesthetic but also a natural experience.

Author image
Root Walnut Unpainted

A special material that adds elegance and warmth to our products. High quality Rosewood adds durability and a unique aesthetic to our designs. This special wood material makes each of our products stand out with its unique texture and rich color tones. Rosewood combines natural beauty and quality, offering our customers a luxurious experience. Aesthetically appealing and durable, Rosewood is an exclusive material used to make our products special.

Author image
Rosewood Unpainted

Glossy black acrylic material that gives our products an eye-catching and modern appeal. Characterized by its high quality and elegance, this special material enriches our products not only aesthetically, but also with a combination of durability and elegance. Black acrylic emphasizes the uniqueness of our products while offering a minimalist and stylish experience to its users.

Author image
Black Acrylic Painted

A special acrylic material in white color that gives our products a pure elegance and freshness. High quality White Acrylic adds a luminous atmosphere to our designs, while offering a minimalist and contemporary line. This material emphasizes the elegant and modern stance of our products, offering users a clean and aesthetic experience. White acrylic emphasizes the uniqueness of our products and makes each one stand out with elegance.

Author image
White Acrylic Painted

A special acrylic material that allows us to make a difference in our designs, adding a colorful and transparent touch. High-quality Iverly Acrylic adds vibrancy and a modern atmosphere to our products. This material enhances the diversity and energy of our products, offering users a fun and contemporary experience. With its color options and transparent structure, Iverly Acrylic combines aesthetics and function, making each product special.

Author image
Iverly Acrylic Painted

Amboyna, one of the rare beauties of wood, adds a unique touch and aesthetic to our designs. Known for its rich hues and unique patterns in its color palette, Amboyna wood endows our products not only with a visual feast, but also with the power of nature. Each use emphasizes the unique character of Amboyna, offering users a natural and sustainable luxury experience.

Author image
Amboyna Exotic Woods

Burl, the natural art of wood, gives our products a unique character and sophisticated charm. This special wood material enriches our designs with its unusual patterns and distinctive textures, endowing each product with its own unique story. The organic and natural beauty of Burl wood offers each user a unique experience, making our products not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a work of art that highlights the uniqueness of nature.

Author image
Burl Exotic Woods

Nature's Elegance, premium quality Thuya wood. This special material adds a unique sophistication and warm atmosphere to our designs. The striking patterns and texture of Thuya wood make our products not only aesthetically pleasing, but also combine with the tranquility of nature, offering users a special experience. Each product is characterized by the extraordinary properties of Thuya and the elegance of nature, offering its owners an atmosphere of authenticity and luxury.

Author image
Thuya Exotic Woods

Breeze of the Sun, premium quality Cocobolo wood. This rare and special material adds warmth, depth and a unique character to our designs. The warm tones and intense patterns of Cocobolo wood make each product a unique masterpiece of nature. Our designs meet the natural elegance of Cocobolo and offer an aesthetic experience to users. The warm and rich tones of Cocobolo make each product a visual feast, giving users a unique feeling.

Author image
Cocobolo Exotic Woods

Strength meets aesthetics, superior quality Micarta material. This special material adds strength and elegance to our designs. Micarta's strong structure makes each product durable and contemporary. The material's distinctive texture offers users a unique visual experience, while our designs represent a combination of function and aesthetics, focusing on Micarta's robustness. Each product stands out with Micarta's characteristic features, offering users a powerful and stylish experience.

Author image
Micarta Exotic Woods

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